Alice King

It does not matter that Alice King is the princess. It does not matter that she is next in line to the throne. They don't care, they have never cared. Her father, the king, can do nothing. Nothing will change what becomes of her.


1. Prologue

June 1860


Alice writhed around on the bed, opening her mouth in a silent scream. The poison was slowly making its way through her entire body, taking over every channel of vein and blood vessel. Her heart continued to resist, but he knew that, soon, it will have to give in.

  "How long?"

  "Not long." He told his friend, watching Alice continue to twist and turn on the bed.

  "At least she hasn't completely destroyed the bed." His friend smiled. "Unlike the last one."

Just as he said that, Alice involuntarily stretched out her arm and ripped a long hole in the fabric covering the bed.

  "Really?" He sighed.

  "Don't be like that. As I recall, you damaged half the objects in this room and the bed was a complete loss."

  "Well, it's a painful process."

  "Indeed it is." He said thoughtfully. "But worth it."

The two men watched Alice in silence. After the rip on the bed that she had created, she had been quite still. Her back suddenly arched up to create a bridge-like shape to her body. Just as quickly as she had done it, she fell back onto the bed and was utterly still.

  "I think it's time."

There was a moment where no sound could be heard, not even the sound of breathing.

A chair creaked from a dark corner of the room.

  "Is she waking?" The voice asked.

  "Yes." The man replied, standing as still as a statue.

Alice King opened her eyes.

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