Magic's Daughter

"Magic is your life. Don't shy away."


1. What?!

Kym's POV

I have been running down the alleyways of N.Y.C all my life, but right now, it feels like I am running from a monster and I am getting lost.

Oh right, I am.

And I have no idea why.

6 schools, 6 states and nothing ever goes right. Especially after my father kicked me out of the house when I was 7. I ran the city streets alone, until a woman with beautiful green eyes took me in as a mom. She kept me for one year. And then when I turned 8 she said that I could take care of myself. So I went out with my toy shovel to battle the world.

Classic sad story, right?

When I turned 8, I found a screwdriver that I used to fight off the monsters. Then when I was nine, I had the mental ability to hide myself from people and I ended up stealing a dagger from a oddities shop. It was pretty and reflective. Sometimes I would see the reflection of a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, then it would go away. And I lost the dagger later on.

Classic Harry Potter thing, right?

This is completely different than what you think.

I don't know what I am. A freak? A monster? Something else? All I know: there is this weird type of force pulling me towards Long Island Sound. So I am following it, wondering what I will find. I keep running through the streets and alleyways, wondering why no-one else can see this monstrous being following me. I am getting closer to the island, closer to whatever is pulling me there. I hop onto the ferry that goes to Long Island, and just in time. The ferry pulls away from the dock and the monster that was chasing me can no longer do so. It cannot swim.

"Holy Hades.." I mumbled under my breath. The ferry ride did not take that long, but really seemed like it did. The force was getting stronger, and I had this feeling in my gut that there would be more monsters waiting on the other side for me.

"Hey Kym!" someone said as they tapped my shoulder. I spun around quickly and held out my screwdriver in a defensive stance. It was just Grover, my best friend. He had a disability that made his legs all weird, so he couldn't walk very easily. But you should see him when I make enchiladas. Man, he can run.

"Jeez. You look like you just saw a monster..." when he started to say monster, he got slower and slower. "I should've stayed with you, right?" 

"That would've been nice..." I said.

 "Uh, trouble at 2'o'clock." Grover said. I looked over to the shore and there was this big burly man with a buzz cut and war scars.

"Do you know that guy?"

"Ares..." Grover said quietly

"Ares?" I asked. Then the sky rumbled with thunder. I hadn't even noticed that it was getting stormy.

"Don't say it aloud, names are very powerful."

Then the ferry stopped, and all of the passengers got off.

"Grover Underwood, Kymberlin Jackson, I have been told to give you a safe trip to Camp. Enjoy your ride." Ares said unwillingly.

"Who were you told by?" Grover asked.

"Chiron, Poseidon, My Father." Ares answered.

"What is going on?!" I yelled.

"You will find out." Grover assured me.


"You'll see, Kym. You'll see."



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