My Life as a Witch: Book 2

*Complete* Hey guys! I'm back for the sequel to My Life as a Witch! (IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK GO NOW AND READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :)

I'm Clarissa, My BFFs are Madi and Talia. I am currently dating Max. I know I broke the promise, but they didn't care. I don't think they cared. We are in year 2 and ,most of us, are 13. Well, I hope you like what happens this year!


1. Secret Family Ties

Lissa' s POV


I have a sister. She is the best sister anyone could ask for. My friends already know, oh, friends. I miss them. I try to stay in contact with them but nothing is as powerful as seeing each other. I need them back, I'm ready for the next year to start. *doorbell* "Just a minute!" I call as I get out of my book. I open the door to find a letter. "Is it time already? It can't be! It's time to start the next year!" I yell as I pack my stuff. Or anything they don't provide. I head out the door as my sister calls for me. "Ash?" I say astonished. "Great danger awaits, Lissa. Always be careful and know that I'm your sister" Ash's voice whispered through my ears, "I'll never forget, Ash." I say as a tear rolls down my cheek.


I board the train at Grand Central Station to head to Lumos Academy. "Hey, Lissa. It's been a while." Tanner said. I gasp and turn around. Just to see his face brought back many memories. I run up and hug him. "Oof, I missed you too. I'm glad to be coming back." He says. "Me too." I say. I untighten my grip on his body and start having a conversation with him. "Lissa? Is that you after this past year?" Max says. I turn around again and gasp. "Max!" I run up and hug him too. "Oof, what's up with you?" He asked. "She did that to me too." Tanner says. "You, know... Your time is running out to decide. I can't believe we were so young and foolish just last year. Now we all seem so mature, yet not." Max says. "Please, don't bring that up, let's just enjoy the moment. Just for a while?" I say. "I'm in for that idea, how about you Max?" Tanner says. "Ok, let's enjoy the moment." He says. We all just stand around waiting for the others to come on and talk with. "You know, it just won't be the same without Ben and Dillon. They were both fun until Dillon became a cold blooded killer." Max said. "It would be cool if we could bring him back, but we'd need a powerful wizard or witch to do it." "Hey, could we all join our powers together and bring him back to life?" Tanner asked. "Wait, that might just work! That's amazing! We can bring back Ben!" I exclaim. We all cheer in excitement. Bri gets on and asks what we're all cheering about. "We might bring Ben back to life!" I say. She squeals with excitement and we all continue to cheer.

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