Liberty Eves is bullied by Luke hemmings,Calum hood,Micheal Cillford,and Ashton iwrin,yep the boys in 5sos,but Luke and Ashton like her,and Micheal and Calum where her best friends for a while but when she moved away and came back two weeks after they where buildin her Micheal and Calum noticed and also got a crush on her,when Calum sees her one day in the woods he sees what she really is and tells Ashton and Luke to stay away,they didn't and get hurt


1. first school day

Liberty's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm,I think it might be jake eating raw meat again,I ran to my bathroom washed my hair and body,went back to my room and grabbed my light pink/white,skinny jeans,a light pink crop top that said New York in white,I went back to my bathroom washed my face and put on silver eyeshadow and black eyeliner,and mascara,and light pink lipstick,grabbed my heart locket that was red and had a pic of Calum in on side and Michael in the other,and curled my firey red hair that was mixed with strawberry blond,and went down stairs,grabbed a blood pack and drink it quickly and grabbed my silver sandals,woke up jake and ran to my new school,

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