Born to be great

Returning nightmares, glimses of a forgotten life.
Then one day a man appears, claming you are the only one who can save him and his people, what do you do?


1. once upon a dream

‘My mom stood infront of me. Her brown eyes were filled with horror and her, usually perfect arranged hair, hang wildly around her. "Listen to me, Victoria, are you listening to me! You have to run, run and don't look back! Go!" She planted a kiss on my cheeck, gave me a light push, and turned around. I wanted to scream at her. That she couldn't just leave me, that I needed her, but someone grabbed my arm and started pulling me away. I screamed at them, ordering them to let me go, twisting and turning, trying to find a way out, but nothing helped. The darkness around me came closer, and the grip in my arm tightened.'

I flew up, hyperventilating and sweating. I looked down on my left arm, and saw a bruise starting to form. I swung my feet over the edge of the bed and put on a pair of slippers, in the same moment as I heard footsteps aproatching the door. It was my sister, wrapped up in her bathing rope with a conserned, and tired look on her face. “Another nightmare?” I nodded. She gave me a small, sad,smile, before she turned around and walked back towards her room. I closed my eyes and took a deeb breath. I hated those nightmares. 

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