The flower child and the british man



1. hotties and broken cars

" Casey! Hurry up please!" Jackie yelled to me while I rushed into the coffee shop throwing my apron on and throwing a 'oops' smile at her.

" Sorry Jackie I got stuck in traffic." I said wiping down tables and getting ready for customers.

" It's fine please don't let it happen again though, okay?" She said placing a hand on her hip sassily I nodded and winked letting her know it probably would. So let me introduce myself, my name is Casey smith and I work at the Starbucks in New Jersey. I'm a bit of a flower child and beach girl all mixed in with lots of sugar! I drive my mom nuts but oh well, I recently turned 18 and still am trying to move out but my mother finds every reason to keep me then her dad bicker about letting me grow up.

I was sitting and flipping through a magazine when the bell above the door ring and I just about swooned. The hottest guy I've ever seen walked in with his hair in a ponytail a kinda see through and saggy black shirt, tight skinny jeans, and boots. Sweet baby Jesus if I didn't care about my pride I'd already be on the ground kissing his feet.

" Um hello welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?" I asked cheerfully smiling at him which earned me a DIMPLED smile.

" Um just chamomile tea will be fine." He said in a slow, deep and husky British accent. That's it people I'm done and he's British, what will you backhand me with now life?

" Okay and what's your name?" I asked very desperate to find out ( and hey no judging!).

" Oh Harry." He said smiling and walking off to sit down, I scurried around making his tea and wrote his name on the cup as well as my number. Yeah yeah stupid but hey he's cute and I'm single.

" Harry your tea is ready." I called out and he came and took his cup. He must've spotted my number because he winked at me before leaving.

" Nice job Casey!" Joanna my coworker said slapping a hand on my back, I giggle and nodded.

I was driving home from work when of course! My car flipping died and I wasn't even to the nice part of town yet. I huffed and hopped out of my car to open up my hood to check the damage. I opened it up and smoke poured out of my poor cars hood like a freaking fire. I growled and kicked the tire earning a throbbing pain in my toe for payback. I heard a car driving down the street and stopped beside me, I held my breath in fear.

" well well well if it isn't Starbucks girl?" A British accent asked chuckling lightly. I snapped my head towards Harry smiling.

" I guess I should thank you and my lucky stars!" I said laughing and hugging the life out of the poor man. He chuckled and hugged me back with less enthusiasm.

" so what are you doing out here in the frigid weather in that attire?" He asked gesturing to my skirt, cardigan, and boots. I giggled hugging my cardigan closer to me and pushing my raven hair from my crystal blue eyes.

" I was on my way home but my stupid car broke down." I said frowning at my little rusty yellow bug. He chuckled and pulled out his phone calling a tow truck. I sighed and pulled out my phone to call a cab to take me home.

" what are you doing?" He asked looking at my phone then to me.

" I'm calling a cab dork head." I said putting my phone to my ear just to have it swiped away and my call ended.

" Hey! I was calling someone pea brain!" I said taking my phone back and crossing my arms. ( yes yes very childish names.)

" you're such a child, and I'm taking you to my flat so you can warm up then I'll take you home once the storms passed." He told me earning a confused look from me.

" but there's no rain?" I said just as it thundered loudly and lightning split across the sky. He raised a eyebrow at me and I give him a punch in the shoulder.

" fine whatever let's get out of here." I said following him into his car and waited for the tow truck to take my baby away.


It's a working progress don't judge it...... Or me.... I have nothing else to say.... Goodbye.

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