Hiccup leaves Berk

hiccup leaves Berk.


1. The note

Stoick's POV

"Son!" I called. "It's time for you to kill the dragon!" No answer. I frowned. Usually Hiccup answered straight away. This was weird. "Son?" I tried again. Same reply. Nothing.

When I walked into his room, everything was cleaned up, except for one note that was one his desk. This wasn't normal. When did Hiccup clean his room? I picked it up and read,

'Dear Father,

In the dragon raid a few short weeks ago, I truly shot a Night Fury down. I than found him in the woods tied in a bola and wounded. Am I a bad Viking because I felt guilt? Of what I did to this graceful unknown beast? Perhaps I am, but Viking or not,I did the right thing. I cut him free and, in return, he spared my life. Shorty after that, I began visiting the dragon, and we quickly became friends. I named him Toothless. Toothless is my only friend, and I would do anything for him; and he would do anything for me. I look at him, and I see myself. I am sorry if my leaving hurts you, but I doubt it will. People will probably be celebrating that I'm gone. I would stay if I could, but I don't belong here. All the killing, and when you kill you are rewarded! What kind of world is this? I won't let you or anyone else hurt Toothless. Not while I'm breathing. So I must go. Goodbye for now,   Hiccup'

I breathed in harshly, and crashed to the floor. It felt as though a cold hart hand was crushing my heart. I can't lose my son. Not him too. Not taken by dragons. Hiccup had a pet dragon? How could I have not seen the signs? Than I weakly stood up. I had to act like a chief. Not like a broken, worried father.


Some people in the village were sad, like Gobber when I told them. Others were planning a party. When Astrid heard about Hiccup, she moved around nervously. I questioned her about it after my speech. Turns out, she found Hiccup and his Night Fury last night, but swore not to tell into after his dad found out he left.

Fishlegs' POV

"Wow! A Night Fury? Fascinating!" I exclaimed excitedly. The chief let us into Hiccup's room to see if we could find anything he didn't. "Ahhhh!" Snout yelped and came crashing down to the floor. He got up, brushing himself off and cursing. "Stupid loose floor board." he muttered.




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