Everyone Has a Dark Side

Everyone has a dark side. The question is, can you fight it? Do you even want to? Elena attends Hogwarts and fills in the missing places in her family tree. When your the offspring of the darkest wizard known to man it's in your genes to crave power right? Is power to much to handle? It makes nothing easier when your falling deeper and deeper in love with a malfoy. What to do? Give in or fight your dark side?
this follows elena from her first year to her 6th. (I'm on year 2/6 right now!)


1. Prologue


I followed Ginny down into the chamber. what was she doing? I heard stories about how dangerous in is down in the pipe-ish tunnles. we all fear what monster awaits below the school. Hermione being petrified is proof enough that whatever is down there dosen't play nice.


Elena is played by Nina Dobrev. yes I know I used the same name and actress from the vampire diaries. just imagine her younger. age eleven to be exact, well for now. Elena is a first year when The golden trio are in their second. also, this story will NOT follow the exact plot of harry potter. Also this is a story I have written on wattpad, so I am copy and pasting it into her for you guys. So if it says things like there is a picture of so and so to the side, there is no oicture . and also things like fan and follow are different on here.

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