Harriet Potter

Harriet Harman lives at the dumping ground. Little does she know that her life is about to get a lot crazier...


1. Just Another "Normal" Day at the DG

  "Jay!" I screamed at the top of my lungs "Jay, give me my brush back, you pig!"

  He was running down the stairs and yelling at me "It's my brush, Harriet!"

 Those were the last words I heard come out of his mouth before the accident happened. He was about to reach the landing on the 1st floor, but then, as if by magic, a rocking horse appeared in front of him, he tripped over it and fell down the stairs screaming a scream that will haunt my memories until the day that I die.

  "Jay, quit mucking about." Snapped the care worker- who is called Neil Patrick Harris. I know quite, a long name, but, he makes us call him that anyway. As he slowly walked into the room, he spotted Jay writhing with pain, "Quick, Otis! Call an ambulance."

  Otis is the other care worker. I hate him because he is very good at annoying me . You see, the way he annoys me is he treats me like a little baby, even though I'm ten and I'm going to be eleven tomorrow. He does things like, if I'm crying, he always picks me up. I know it sounds sweet of him, but, he does it so weirdly and he acts like a really overprotective dad and it doesn't help that he is quite big.  If anything happens, he is first on the scene and calls Neil Patrick Harris, then lets him sort out the situation while he finds me in the mess and carries me around the house, even though I tell him to put me down, or I try get down he throws me over his shoulder humiliatingly. I know it sounds weird that I am in double figures and he picks me up, but it's because I'm a titch that everybody seems to think they need to protect. Anyway... Back to the story. So, Otis picks me up, yet again, and carries me to call an ambulance. I then start crying and he starts bouncing me around like a little baby.

  "Stop it, Otis! Put me down!" He refuses and I start thrashing around and, by the time the ambulance is here, Otis has to call Neil Patrick Harris to carry me and that I don't mind. So, I stop thrashing and he finally sets me down .

 The kids at the DG are all fitness freaks. So, when I walk in, I find them lifting the heaviest things in the room. One of them turns to me as I start to feel woozy and then I black out . By the time I wake up, I find I am not on the floor and I'm being used as a weight my friend. Carla then walks in and shouts at the guys for using me like that. She grabs me by the waist and helps me to my room where I sleep until the next day.

 Oh my god! It's my birthday! I am 11 now and the only thing is... I was awoken by an owl outside of my window with a little letter in its beak...



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