The Doctor, the wizard, and the hunters

Harry Potter needs the help of The Doctor, the Winchesters, and me.
The battle of Hogwarts is about to start and Lord Voldemort has gotten the help of Luicifer to destroy Harry Potter, and then the world,


1. The moment my life changed

I like to think I'm a normal fangirl. Spend my free time wearing Harry Potter pyjamas, wrapped in a Supernatural blanket, sipping tea out of my TARDIS mug while aiming my novelty sonic screwdriver at anyone who dares come into my room, wishing all of this could be real and that I can drop my normal, boring life. This is my life, plain and simple, doing what I love most and not having any friends. Then one fateful night....everything changed.

"Sarah! Dinner time, hurry up!" My mom would much rather hell for me to come down to eat instead of actually coming to get me. Oh well, moms will be moms.

I run downstairs expecting my favourite meal, homemade pizza, but instead I see pie. Lots of pie. "Mom? Where's din-" I faint and hit my head hard on the ground.

Slowly coming to, I hear a familiar voice. "Hey guys, she's waking up!"

"Let me talk to her. This can be overwhelming for her" Moms voice is loud and clear. There's other people, but I can't tell who from the voices. "Sarah, there's three men here, they say they need you for something important. They were sent here by, uh, well-"

"We were sent here by The Doctor, he said you'd know who he is" the familiar voice now had a face, the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. The face of Dean Winchester.

"You're, you're" was all I can manage to say. "Am, am I dreaming?"

"No." It was Castiel. "This is all too real. I assume you know who we are? The Doctor's female companion, Amy Pond, is waiting for us in the Impala. We need to go now."

Mom interrupted. "She isn't going anywhere! Not until you tell me everything that's going on!"

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