2/13/15 Caeli Williams English Mrs. Martin
***Dear Journal,
If i had one unnatural power it would be to read people's minds. Specifically teachers, i mean if i could understand why these people devote their lives to doing something, and then act like its their first time doing it then maybe i wouldnt be failing. in everything. They literally do these painstaking assignments that will have no effect or meaning whatsoever. Today, my English teacher, Mrs. Smith, handed us a journal to right down all of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in for homework everynight. I mean she actually thinks it would be life changing for us to get out our feelings and write it down. its torture. And what sucks the most out of all of it is that we have to do it, i cant afford not to or else ill have to repeat the 11th grade.. but thats not the least of my problems. She wants me to write my feelings? Fine. But let me warn you; the truth hurts. Sorry.

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