Sweet Revenge

This story is for my English homework but I thought as I haven't been on here forever I should upload something so here it is. It needs a lot of improvements but for now here is the product.


1. Sweet Revenge


“It has been ten years since our last conversation. The last time I had felt the wind through my hair.  I have no intensions of seeing him again either, not after the betrayal. I have suffered for it, now he must too. “
Amazingly Emma was alive and well. She had suffered for a year and a half, revisiting hospitals in emergencies and check-ups but she wasn’t the same. Ten years ago herself and her brother were riding a motorbike through the city, he was showing her all the sights where she had never been. They spoke about many things but mostly about their past, Liam used to read a children’s book to Emma but she was too young to remember. He had said he would show her the book one day, she looked forward to it. During the ride they had collided with a car. Emma had gone flying over the bonnet when she eventually landed on the road behind the car, the motorbike was smashed to pieces and for her brother, Liam, he had been thrown across the road and landed along the pavement. The driver had gotten out to help Liam, he had not seen Emma round the back of the car. The ambulance came almost instantly taking Liam and her to A&E, their parents had been in Spain at the time and had left Liam, an sixteen year old, to look after Emma who was ten at the time. 
Emma hadn’t remembered much about the accident or the ambulance as she had continuously drifted in and out of consciousness. She had an spinal injury and a broken arm. Liam however was almost fine except from a broken leg and scratches. The NHS had given Emma an operation immediately to try to save her ability to walk, it failed. Liam had come to her room to comfort her while the doctors broke the news. Emma was broken and would never be the same again. She had asked Liam to phone their parents but he refused. He stated “If I do that Ems they’ll arrest mum and dad for leaving us alone, I can’t Em but I promise you, you’ll get through it.” He had left her room as he couldn’t bare for her to see him crying. 
The police had come in and asked Emma for her and her brother’s age, she admitted both their ages. The police got in contact with them and they came home straight away. That’s when they couldn’t find Liam.
Ten years later still no Liam, Emma hadn’t desired to see him again, as it was his fault after all. She had burned his drawings he had made for her and ruined his room. Her mum and dad had been broken and couldn’t handle looking after her while they still worried about Liam, so she had gone into care. 
-----To present day-----
It was Emma’s birthday, she was getting ready to go over to Elizabeth and Brian’s house, the ones that had adopted her. She had gotten a present from her actual parents but hadn’t opened it. As she was brushing her teeth, she suddenly felt upset and started to cry, she missed her mum and dad and although she hadn’t admitted it before to herself she missed Liam too. She ran downstairs and opened the present from her mum and dad. She expected to find a gift but instead found a single letter in a box. She opened it reading it silently to herself: 
“ Dear Em,
               I know you probably hate me, I hate me too but I want you to know that I love you and always will. You’re probably wondering why I left but I can’t tell you, not yet. I promised you ten years ago that you’ll be fine and I was right. I have a gift for you, I know you won’t read it but I thought as a brother I should keep to my promises. I love you little sis.
                                  All my love,    Liam x “
She opened the present and looked at the book before her. She looked at the name and laughed a little as the memories of her brother came flooding back. “Sweet Revenge” a title she remembered from a very long time ago.


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