Mary and James


1. Change

“Hey Mary it’s you're old friend leydy just calling to see if you wanted to go out tonight since we haven’t seen each other in a while you know um just call me when you get back”...

Awe another missed call geesh I’ve been so busy trying to do all my homework for college and my two jobs.I’ll just stop by at her house right now talk about it and go in and out.I drove to her house,she lived about an hour away but I am capable.RING.Hey leydy it’s mary.

“Oh my goodness i told you to call back not to stalk me and come to my house I’ll start the car where do you want to get drinks at downtown,cmon let’s go Mary!”,Leydy said so happily and relieved that i came. “Um i just wanted coffee but downtown is fine”.

..I’ve never drank .Sir may I get water. “Mary you're the same no fun boring girl I knew in high school.”

“So how are you and your husband leydy?”

“Oh we’re just engaged,but I want to hear more about you like what have you done recently anything exciting occurred after high school?”.

“I’ve gotten into UC east bay,it might not be a rich school but I think I shall transfer to princeton or cambridge.”

“Real fascinating hey can we sit in a booth instead of sitting in a family seat it’s weird”

Um leydy,she pulled me to the bar so fast i didn’t even get a chance to respond,then she just shoved me I can’t see.I look up into the most peculiar set of eyes,I could not remember him.

“Why isn’t it none other then marvelous mary herself”,the voice said luring me in more.

He helped me up off the floor since i fell awkwardly.Leydy walked off to sit with her hubby.

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