Dateing A Band Member😔

Hey My name is Riley... Calum and me are really complicated. I was with Luke but he had to run off with some two year old. Me and Cal have been friends forever He makes me feel...Oops can't give you too much away♥️����


1. Graduation.

I was at my house getting ready for the day I get out of this prison they call a school. I has to put my gown on and I stared in the mirror.

You look the same sense the beginning of senior year they said this year will be the best year of all it wasn't it was stupid and felt like they put me in there because they hated me as I said they I mean my parents.

"Riley!" My mom shouted.

"I'm comeing!" I responded.

I ran down the stairs running out the door as we were like 5 hours late but my mom has to be the first one who gets there so she gets the front seat so she can take pictures that I don't want her do.

We drove as we listened to the stupidest songs my mom likes as she sings I put my earbuds in and listen the Rolling Stones.


"We're here!" She smiles and looks at my little brother Joanna.

"Mom I have to go in you have to go to the football field." I informed her.

She nodded her head.

I went in the school looking at my shoes and walking slow so I could be late I didn't want to be first. I look over my shoulder and see Luke yell for me.

"Ohhhhh Reily!"

"Oh god what do you want?"

"Ha you look great.."

He kisses me and we walk down the hallway into the gym where we are going to out.

"Why so down?"

"I don't know I just feel like I didn't have the senior year I wanted." I explained.

"Well at least we spent it together."

Me and Luke have been Dateing for about a year now. He is just weird and we always act like we hate each other, but we don't.


"I want to give you something that will make you feel a little better."

I smile and walk out of the gym to his locker.

"Close your eyes!"

I felt a chain of some sort on my neck and I open my eyes. It was a necklace. It read R&L=L.

"What's the L for?"


I try to hold the smile in but I can't.

We walked down the halls holding hands and.....

They're gone? "Where are they?"

"Shit!!!!" Luke said.

"Luke don't cuss!"

We ran out the doors and they were all seated and the music stoped as we ran to our seats. I look at my mom and she was starring at me like I just shot someone.

*After Graduation*

We were walking back to the car and here came Calum Hood running and laughing at me.

"Well well well what were you and Luke up to?"

"Shut up he gave me a necklace and we were late." I explained.

"Are you comeing to My house tonight for the party?"

"Sure." I said.

Luke came behind me and scared me. He kissed me he held my hand and he had something to say I could tell my mom was starring and getting mad.

"You are so beautiful and we are adults now."

"Yeah whatever I'm still a kid." I joke. My mom beeped again.

"I have to go." I say as I get in the car.

"I love you....." He said. HE SAID I LOVE YOU OMG SAY IT BACK SAY IT BACK. Wow you didn't say it back.

"I don't like him.."

"Mom? Really?"

"He gets you in trouble." She says.

"MOOOOMMMM I WANT FOOD!!!!" My little brother screams on the top of his lungs.

I had just graduated and my mom didn't even say she was happy for me. That hurt. She was already pregnant. My dad works as a dentist so we have money. But I choose not to use it cause I like shopping most at hot topic mostly.

"Hunny.... Not now I will make something when we get home.


I was on my computer at like 9:30 and I hear the most obnoxious sound and it sounds like rocks hitting me window I get up and look out and it was Luke. Of course.


"Hey." He pulled my hand and we walk up in my old tree house I had sence I was a kid.

"Did you put lights up here?" I ask.

"Yeah." We walk in and there's a picnic basket and a wine glass. And a small table.



I didn't respond. He did all of this and I was still upset I didn't say I love you back.

"I love you...." I said.

"I love you too." As he poors me a drink.

"Are we going to Calums?"

"I wasn't planing on it cause he can get really mean when he's drunk." I laugh.

"What about your guys band.." I mumble I didn't like he was in a band they post videos and I'm scared they're going to be like a thing.

"We have a gig this weekend.."

"Oh." I say softly.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." I say.

We talked for hours and hours like we always do.


"Hello?" he answers and gets out of the tree house.

I sigh and lean back. He was laughing and giggling.

He ran back up and screamed.. "What?" I ask.


"Congratulations?" I say.

"Well all time low are going to be there and that's like one of our favorite bands!!!!! I have to go to Michaels house." He grabs his stuff and leaves like a blink of an eye and I was alone.

"Bye??" I say to myself.

I went back in my house and runs up the stairs into my room and jump in my bed and get back on my computer.

I read this thing about Battle of the band and fell asleep.

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