Will You Remember Me?

All mikela wants is to stay in one town but that is impossible for her because her dad died when she was little and her mom has a job where she is always moving from place to place and well let's just her daughter is unhappy. Will mikela ever be happy?


1. Chapter 1

"Hey can we talk now?"I said "Is it important Mikaela I am kind of busy now." Josh said "Yea it is actually I cause it's about our relationship together. I have been hearing that you have been going out with Jessica a lot lately and if that is true I would like you to tell me if it is or not okay?" I said "yea ok look me and Jessica have been spending a lot of time together but if you are thinking that I like her more than you,you are wrong." He said "but you like her?"I asked "well I did not say that"he said "so you like her and you don't,that does not make any sense at all!"I said "my next question is do you want to be with her or me?"I asked. "I can not choose."he said "Ohhhhh okay fine you can't chose then I will for you okay, you want to be with Jessica and not me so we are done ,over , finished." "Goodbye josh we are over."I sad and ran to class crying. As I ran I passed Jessica and I said" we are never going to be friends again got that bye Jessica!" The entire time during class I was only thinking about what happened before class with Jessica josh and I. After school I went to this fast food place called the Frazier bakery and then I saw josh he had come there to I guess and he was with Jessica so I decide to leave because I am really upset with them. So I decided to go to Mekenna's house because she is the only one I can talk to. When I got to her house I immediately a told her what happened and that I was upset so I stayed the night. That night we talked and caught up because she does not go to the same school I do. The next morning I went home. When I got home there was this guy and he was moving furniture and loading it into a moving truck from my house. So I asked "what is going on here?" And he told me that my family was moving to California. So I thanked him for telling me and went inside trying to act calm. Of course my mom was on the phone so I went into her room for now at least. When I went back downstairs my mom was waiting for me to come and eat dinner. "Hey mom can we talk about the whole moving thing cause you never told me that we were moving?" " I know and I am sorry that I didn't tell you earlier but I was just so busy with work I lost track of time. When school is over for you we leave for California okay." "Thanks for supper mom I will see you tomorrow okay we can talk more tomorrow cause it is Saturday." I said " okay "she said.

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