Silent Survival

I don't own Regular Show.
When the world crumbles quickly, The regular gang find themselves stuck in the apocalypse. Despite the troubles the world throws at them, They will always stick by eachother. Nothing could seperate them... Right...?


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


The sun was slowly setting on the park as yet another day filled with hard chores was complete. Both Mordecai and Rigby were exhausted, They had to work extra hard to get bonus money to buy the newest video game, Strong Johns 2. Benson had been happy to let them have the extra work, But they both knew he didn't really expect them to finish it. Mordecai and Rigby would normally have gone to gloat to Benson, But they were way to exhausted to even think about what they would say to him.


"God dude that was intense..." Rigby muttered whilst he threw himself onto the sofa. 

"I know dude... But if it means we get that game then it's so worth it...!" Mordecai muttered, Filling in the unoccupied seats. They both sat in silence for a few moments, Finding comfort in each other's presence. They both heard a door shut before they heard a familiar sigh behind them. 

"I'm impressed in you guys, You did great work out there today! But... You forgot one chore... I need one of you guys to go and pick up some Milk from the grocery store." Benson explained as he dug some $20 bills out of his pocket and handed them to the pair. 


Both Mordecai and Rigby groaned loudly, Both of them not wanting to move. 

"Dude I'm so not going..." Rigby tiredly whispered into the cushion he had his head resting on.

"Well I'm not going either dude, Rock paper scissors for who has to go?" Mordecai suggested as he moved so that he was facing the racoon. Rigby groaned something that Mordecai couldn't understand before Rigby moved and raised his tired head so it was facing the Blue Jay. 


Mordecai raised his fist and so did Rigby, They threw their fists down three times. Once they had thrown them down three times, They threw open their hands, Mordecai making the paper sign whilst Rigby made the scissors shape with his fingers. Mordecai groaned loudly as Rigby laughed weakly.

"Ha ha in your face Mordecai!" Rigby exclaimed as he once again threw his head into the cushions. Mordecai grudgingly stood up, Snatching the money and cart keys up before opening up the door and leaving the house.

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