The Vamps adopted me.

hi my name is clare I am 11 years old. I live in the sunnyside up orphanage for kids. I am a orphan because my dad died when I was 2 and my mum could not take care of me so she sent me here when I turned 3. I lost all hope of being adopted till one day.......


1. Meet Clare

Hi my name is Clare i am 11 years old i have bean in the sunny-side up orphanage since i was 3. i have lost all hope of being adopted. i have got it in my head that i will never be adopted. CLARE!! Mrs.long said GET YOUR FAT ASS DOWN HERE!! Oh did i mention that  everyone at the orphanage hates me. I run down stairs to see 4 boys and Mrs.Long waiting down the stairs for me. Yes Mrs.long i said. Mrs.long said go pack your bags you are getting adopted. i run up the stairs only to see Bre the main girl who bullies me said so you are getting adopted you i looked at her scared of what she would do to me and when i didn't answer her she said SLUT YOU KNOW YOU ARE TO SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO!!!! And before i could say anthing i fell to the floor in pain she just kicked me harder and harder everytime all the sudden i felt it all stop. i looked up to see a boy who had brown curly hair above me. he asked are you all right before i could even answer i blacked out.


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