sun and moon

sun a bright girl who is unsure of herself who falls for a weasley
moon is a girl with a bad side and of corse she falls for the handsome draco malfoy join them as they discover their more just complete strangers their really twin sisters trying to make it at hogwarts


1. moonlights morning

          moons pov


'' so what mother im not going its just a stupid letter!'' '' well yes dear but don't you think you should give it a try Hogwarts might be fun'' '' what are now sating I should go just so can learn how to  be a magician'' '' well I have to tell you some thing the reason your hear in this foster home is because your a witch there is so munch I need to tell you but I cant until your older'' ''wait what your not even my real mother your just my foster parent ''  no moonlight its not like im not your mother''  ''whatever I cant even stand to be around you im going to Hogwarts were I can be away from you 'mother' when do I leave?'' ''tomorrow dear breakfast is ready and your friend clementine is going to she is going to be accompanied by her parents who are magical. you'll be going over to their house in 20 minutes ok so you can go shopping with them and they will help you get onto the train,  now after you finish eating  go pack you bags you do have to leave soon '' ok 'mother' dear'' I cant believe im a witch this is crazy I figured it was  some kind of joke to put me out onto the streets away from this shack I was living in but its real im a witch. '' moon are you ready '' ''no'' '' hurry up '' you see im moonlight but my friends call me moon  I am avreg  height fore an elven year old  I have green eyes  and blond hair with black streaks trough it and if you guessed  it im a bad girl. ''time to go'' '' ok Im ready '' '' what's up moon'' ''hey clementine'' ''lets go ''

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