Muted Mona was what she was known by. High school is most definitely one of the cruelest places on earth. Can she get though it alone?


1. One

My voice has always caused trouble. It all started when I was six, it started cracking and by the age of eight my voice was completely gone. No one actually knows what happened, not the doctors, not my parents, not even me. No one except me now knows what my voice actually sounds like, well I don't even know since I can change the voice inside if my head to anything I want.

School has also been hard on me. When I was younger I had so many friends, but once my voice started to disappear, one by one so did my friends. Middle school wasn't to hard to get through, even though the last two years people started making fun of me and calling me names. The real hell started in high school. By this time I had no friends, no one I could be around. Everyone in the school started calling me 'Muted Mona'. Believe me when I say that stung. Freshmen year was one of the hardest years of my life. People calling me that, even some of the teachers did. Its like they thought I was deaf, even though they clearly knew that I wasn't.

I'm awakened from my daydream, when I hear the door knob turning. I turn my head and see my mom coming in with two overflowing bags. Once she's in the door, she kicks the door closed with her heel. She looks over to the couch where I'm currently seated, "hey, why aren't you in school?" she asks raising her eyebrow. I rub my head signalling to her 'I have a headache' while putting on a puppy dog face, but she just rolls her eyes not believing me. "That's not the first time this week that you had a 'headache'" she mumbles, making her way to the kitchen to put all the groceries away. I waddle into the kitchen after her and sit on the stool. putting my elbows on the counter and my head in my hands I stare at her with saddened eyes. "You're going to school tomorrow Mona and that's final!"

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