Love is not as easy as it seems


1. the beginning

Melanie's POV


I wake to the horrid sound of the alarm clock and I slide myself out of bed.I get in the shower and let the warm water run down my back.I get the out and put on a pair of back sweats and a black long sleeve and pair of black vans.I grab my black jansport bag and swing it over me

I get to school,the bell rings just as I get into my classroom 5 minutes later a kid with the same color hair as I do comes in I have never seen him around the school before

"Kids this is Michael Gordon Clifford he is new to our school"

To me he looked like THE BAD BOY type to me I don't know ,during class the teacher gave us these worksheets and the teacher asked me if I can help Michael because he was not hear for the lesson

"Hi Michael I'm Melanie"

"How do you know my name?

"We'll the teacher announced it when you came in"

"Oh right"

We were the first ones to finish the sheet so the teacher asked us if we can go print 30 copies of another worksheet.We were walking in the hallway and while we were walking to the copy room I gave Michael a mini-tour of the school

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