The Thunderstorm

Today you will meet someone who will turn your life upside down.


1. The Horoscope

My name is Caroline Dibden. I remember the day when it was raining cats and dogs. I showed up at the place I worked; Thames Café. There were only a few customers. I looked out of the window and observed the people outside who ran with their umbrellas. I smiled and inhaled the air of coffee. "Goodbye, Caroline", one of my co-workers said and walked out the door. "Excuse me?" I turned around and saw a woman. "Can we please settle the bill?" "Sure", I said.
There wasn't any customers at the moment. As I watched the rain, somebody entered the café. I turned around and saw a boy. He was alone. He smiled at me as he touched his hair. His clothes were completely saturated from the downpour. "Hello. What would you like to order?", I asked. "A cup of tea, please," he said with his raspy voice. As I made his tea, he took off his coat. He was classy dressed but not too formel. I served his tea and went back to the cash register. I sat down and started reading the newspaper. I read my horoscope. I am a Leo. Today you will meet someone who will turn your life upside down. I cast a sidelong glance at the boy. No, it couldn't be him. I laid the newspaper aside. The boy was writing in a journal. He took a sip of his tea and began writing again. Half an hour later the boy beckoned to me. He wanted to settle his bill. He left, and once again I was alone. I was wondering if I ever would see him again.
It was closing-time and I left. I furled my umbrella and breathed in. The air was fresh and I decided to take a walk. There weren't many people in the streets of London today, probably because of the weather. I walked on Waterloo Bridge and stopped halfway. I looked at the river. I could never get enough of this.

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