In the Shadow of Naďa

A sequel/alternative perspective to 'The Third Door' following Abi's side of the story.
"But her sister... well, I guess I was intrigued. After all, she mistook me for her at first. So once I had a job and a stable income, I turned my interests to her.

What did I want? I'm not sure, answers I guess. But I was always in her shadow, so I hoped that if I found her, I could finally step into the light."
© 2015 Parsavagely


1. Information/Updates

In the Shadow of Naďa

####CHAPTER 2 published####

If you haven't read The Third Door yet, this won't make any sense at all, so I recommend you read that first (You could try reading this first...but seriously, it will be very confusing, not to mention the spoilers.)

This may or may not be for the Sequel/Prequel competition depending on if I get time to write it or not, but it will be written at some stage and hopefully soon.

It has been a while since I wrote The Third Door, so if you notice any continuity errors please let me know.

Otherwise, enjoy.


P.S. Anyone fancy making a cover?

####CHAPTER 3: Coming soon####

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