The moonwalker

I saw him. I wasn't supposed to, but I did, and that one glance made everything I thought was real wither and die. How could I have been fooled before?


1. here kitty kitty

I know I should be in bed now, along with every one else but I can't just leave her out here, all on her own. The elders say anything alive that is outside after curfew disappears, but they don't tell us where. "Come on Aurora, Come on, here darling" I croon, but the darkness stays absolute, no shine of bright, adorable eyes or the tell-tale pitter-patter of paws on the ground. I should really go in, if I'm caught the trouble I'm going to be in is unthinkable, but I can't just leave her. She's only a little cat, and the only family/friend I have. No I am not going to abandon her. "Meow", I whip round and glance down, two glowing, electric green eyes look adoringly up at me, I grin. "Oh Aurora, please don't do that to me again. Who knows what could have happened to us" I scold, "look at the time..." I glance down at my watch, at the exact same time as the final warning blares from the concrete block 200 meters to my right "Oh no, please no!" I scream as I scoop up Aurora and sprint towards the building, slipping inside just as the door clangs shut. There's a click as the lock shuts and all the bolts slide in to place. I'm left panting in the darkness. "T T That was close, too close." I whisper into Aurora's ear and I start to climb the stairs, my feet clanging on the steel structure. Everyone else is asleep, I should be asleep to, but Instead of hurrying to get changed and slip into my cold, metal bed I pull back the starch white curtain, crumpling it in my hand. I don't know why I do it, I have never even thought of doing it before, but curiosity gets the better of me and I take a peek...

I gasp and stumble back, tripping painfully over the steel bed stand, ending up sprawled across my bed. I breath deep, shaky breaths, telling myself I am imagining things. All the same, with legs like jelly I half walk, half drag myself along to the window again, bracing myself for another peek. But it is still there. That silhouette that will make me question everything, turn my life into turmoil, change my life.

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