Beside you l.h.

A girl called Taylor with brown beach hair and hypnotising blue eyes and a boy called Luke they are just ordinary people but a single phone call could change that all


1. chapter 1

Taylor POV:

"Taylor! Get up!" I woke up to my mum yelling my name telling me to get up I looked at my clock and it was 8:30 already school started in 15 minutes I quickly turned the shower on and shampooed my hair with Aussie volume and did the same with my conditioner I quickly blow dried my hair and picked out my outfit I chose black skinny ripped jeans a nirvana tank and some red vans oh and my grey beanie I didn't need to curl my hair as it was naturally wavy. I grabbed my skateboard and scooted off to school, I didn't have breakfast as I always skip it I don't know why it's just habit.

I got to school just in time and skipped off to my first class which was maths "uuuugh" I groaned I hate maths! Our teacher is so boring he drones on about sums none stop the only good thing about it was that my crush Luke Hemings sat next to me he has blonde hair and a lip piercing everybody loved him but I was obsessed. I was so busy staring at him I didn't realise the teacher was asking me a question and everyone was staring at me! I started blushing but luckily I was saved by the bell and I ran out of class before anyone could stop me.

I ran home and ditched the rest of the school day before I suddenly got a call from a blocked number so I answered it and it was Luke the last person I thought would talk to me. "Hey Taylor, what's up I haven't seen you seen maths what's wrong? I'm worried about you." "Don't worry about me I'm fine I'm just a bit embarrassed because off maths," "no need to be in fact I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?" He said "sure! I'd love to!" "I'll see you in about half an hour at the coffee shop" "can't wait!"

Luke POV:

The bell has just gone for maths "why? Why maths?" I've always hated it, the teacher couldn't be more boring but I did get to sit next to my crush Taylor it takes everything I've got not to stare at her I mean her bright blue eyes are so beautiful and her beach wave golden brown hair looks amazing under her grey beanie. I started to notice that she was staring at me but I shrugged it off then the teacher asked her some complicated mathematical question but she didn't answer everybody stared at her bit she was to busy staring at me to realise what was going on luckily the bell saved her and she just grabbed her bag and sprinted out the classroom.

I'm guessing she left school and went home so I rang her but she doesn't have my number I just know hers but oh well by the end of the call I hung up and I screamed out "yes!!!" I was so excited we were meeting up for coffee in half an hour.

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