1. The Beginning

It was just a normal day,I was in my dorm reading on movellas. Until I got a new kik conversation with lukeisapenguin.I opened it up and said "who is this"he said its "it's Luke".

I laid on my bed wondering "Luke who" is this really Luke Hemmings?

The night before...

(At 5sos concert)

"Omg I love you Luke" I scream as my best friend Katy screams "Marry me Micheal".

Then all of a sudden Luke walked over and so did Micheal we almost died.

They asked us our names Katy overly excited said"my name is Katy please marry me mikey"

Then Luke asked me I said my "name is alysa"

They pull us on stage and give us pass for backstage.


We are about to meet 5sos

10 minutes later

The boys walk in first is calum then Ashton and Luke and Michael follow behind

As they walk in they hugged us

Omg when I hugged Luke I felt so secure and safe

We were all talking then the boys asked us for our kik,instagram,and twitter

Current day

After awhile of laying down and thinking I remember that he has my kik

I then texted him back saying "hey."

He replied "wyd luv"(aww so sweet)

I said "nothing wanna hang out?"

He said "sure meet me at Starbucks"

10 minutes later

I arrive at Starbucks anxious to see him

I finally find him in the crowd of people

We get in line and order

I order a strawberry and Creme frapachino

He does to(awww so sweet)

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