secret behind the wall


1. new home

I love New York. i Had lots of friends in there. Molly was my best friend but sadly she went to California with her family. Sandra is my friend to. Now i need to leave them. i really miss my friends and my boyfriend Larry. We flayed 3 hours to get in to Florida. Our house was beutiful. In front of the house were cute palm trees and tropical flowers. We had a big formal living room. There was a cute leopard printed couch. Big french looking windows were beautiful. There were curtains witch were browny- yellow. We had coffee table. On top of it was a beautiful orchid flowers. In the formal living room was also a fierplace. In the living room was a circled couch. There was a big TV. In the kitchen were awesome kitchen tools. My room was really cool. An awesome bed like a master bed. Some photo frames and mirrors. From the living room you can get outside. Theres a beautiful pool where i can swim. And near it is a fountain. We live near the beach an i can see the beautiful whew of sunset.

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