Temporary magi

A multi timeline adventure


1. Cosmos and Chaos

Earth . 

Modern Day , Outerwing Plains , Caravan trails ,

our first adventurer Jon awakens after feeling the cool breeze to a sight once only 50 years A local comet caught in a loop of our Universe 


A phenomena that has been recorded since its first arrival when it burnt Brightest  aeons ago .


During the event a new generation of chosen few from each planet in every universe and every time line are introduced to the power the hold within and share with there parallels . 

"The time has come again " said the  stranger in robes with dreads with beads 

Jon turned his head in recognition this man was not on the Caravan when he disembarked 

The stranger lifted his hood revealed his face , long pointed ears and face painted and long beaded dreads "my name is Uria and I'm an Dusk "

"My name is John " he replied .

"You must know why I'm here right " Uria asked Jon 

"The event the crossover of universes " he replied 

"Yes your are quick and foward " Uria stated 

The sky was cloudless and the winds died down the near by wild life stand in awe . 

The youth have been gathered and times of old breathe anew .

The festivals begin with Fire works from near by towns and fellow caravans .

"You're not from earth are you ? John asks

"I am but not this universe " Uria states

"This world but not the same universe how it that ? ,John asks ?

"Try to imagine that the road were are on moving forward through time ,I came along from another path I made, you see John I am you in a way well you're parallel !"

"My parallel ? Me from another universe ? " John is still half asleep from his rest and only barely grasping the mind bending and unsettling fact before him .

" through a rift you call sleeping ? Am I saying that right ? Uria only but still new to English questions his own words .

"And I am here to monitor your results and protect if need be ! "

John turns to Uria , and realizes he shares the same face ,

"You and only you can see me I am totally inaudible and invisable you are my link into this universe a great honour upon that and you can't let anyone know I'm here and you will be rewarded I can assure you "! Uria then reveals his abilities

Taunting the coach upon the horse he is totally ethereal .

The caravan arrives to its destination , a huge complex of tents that make up a grand tents .

Johns last night on earth begins .

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