When complementary Souls

To what extent is he broken? To what extent is she impure?
Aleah, like most, has her secrets; some more surprising then others. She keeps herself to herself and conceals them under her perfected good girl act.
Tristan, has his demons; more then others. Hiding his anger behind smiles and lies, he feels like he has no one in this world.

When Tristan discoverers he's mysterious drawn to Aleah, he cannot help but try to get to know the 'good girl' more personal.

But will he like what he finds?


1. Chapter 1: Souls

“Souls are simply stands of thread- threaded into the fibres of space and time by an anonymous mysticbeing. Or by The Big Bang. Whatever you believe.

 Premature deaths; when one's thread is unfortunately cut short.

It is, however, possible to entwine the frayed thread with another,   in which the two strands create an intense emotional bond so that both share the same soul span. 

It's best to think of these souls more like puzzle pieces then threads; for they cannot be the same to fit together but complementary...”



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