Another Watson

With her life falling apart after quitting her job and losing her fiance to another, Elizabeth Watson decides to move in with her brother, John, and his friend, and though she thought it would only be temporary, she got yanked into the game, and found herself growing much closer to the clever detective than she ever thought she would.


1. Chapter 1

Elizabeth POV


“And I’m not staying long.” I reminded. “I’m just staying until I get on my feet.”


“Alright, I know, you’ve told me a thousand times before, Beth.”


I took a long sip of my coffee, not listening to John, who was probably rambling on.


“Elizabeth?” John asked, rather loudly.


“Yes?” I said tentatively, knowing I had been caught, and was going to be chewed out for not paying attention.


“I asked when you were going to be here.” He repeated, skipping a lecture, which I usually got; if not from him then from Harry or our mother.


“Not much longer. I just stopped for coffee, so it shouldn’t be about, hmm, twenty minutes…?” I guessed.


“See you then.” John said, adding his goodbye’s at the end, before yelling something to someone else; his flat mate, Sherlock Holmes, no doubt.


I shoved my phone in my back pocket, grabbing my coat from the back of the chair, and walked out of the coffee shop.




As soon as the cab stopped, I jumped out of it, grabbing my bag, and practically running towards the door, ready to see John. It had been a little over two years since I had seen him last, except for holidays, but then I only got to say a couple of word to him before we were dragged off my other family members.


I rang the doorbell first. John had told me to just go on up, but I didn’t want to interrupt anything. I rung a couple of times, and I was about to give up and call my brother, making sure I was in the right place, when an older lady answered the door. I looked up from my phone and smiled.


“Hello.” I greeted her. She smiled back at me.

“Oh, hello.” she said. “You must be Elizabeth.” she assumed, moving out of the way to let me in.


“Yes.” I confirmed. She introduced herself as Mrs. Hudson, the landlady, and led me up the stairs. I was expecting to hear more yelling, like from over the phone, or at least a TV, but it was absolute silence.


Mrs. Hudson knocked on the door, but didn’t bother waiting for anyone to tell her to come in. She walked right into their flat with a little “hoo, hoo.” and she gestured for me to follow, when she turned and realized I stayed at the top of the stairs.


“Come on it, love.” she laughed. I heard a commotion in what I assumed to be the kitchen, and John suddenly appeared around the corner, wrapping me in a hug before I could even cross the threshold. I hugged him as well, patting him on the back slightly.


“Hello.” I said. “John, I missed you too, but I would like to breath, if you don’t mind.” I laughed. his grip loosened a little before he let go of me completely. When I looked in the living room, though, to thank Mrs. Hudson for letting me in, she had disappeared. I didn’t question it, though. There must have been another way out. She knew the place better than I did.


“Here, let me show you to your room.” John said, taking the bags from my hands, going back out of the door, and heading up the stairs to the spare bedroom.


It was a nice little room with a small window, that, despite it’s size, let in a lot of light. There was already a bed, bookshelf filled with books, and a desk with John’s laptop sitting on it.


“Oh, I forgot I left this in here.” John said, going to grab it.


“I don’t want to take your room,” I began, but he cut me off.


“You’re fine. How many times do I have to tell you this?” He laughed. I joined him, and he left me to unpack.


It wasn’t long before my bags were empty and I had nothing else to do. I had scanned the book on the shelf, but found nothing very interesting. Decided not to sit around in this room all day. I made my way back downstairs, into the living room.


Upon entering, I noticed things about the place that I didn’t the first time. The desk that was pushed against the wall was littered with papers and some books. I moved around to the mantelpiece, which had a nice display of bats…. and a skull.


“Is this real?” I asked the figure on the couch, turning to look at them. They looked at me, briefly.


“Don’t touch it.” they mumbled. I put my hands in the air.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” I said, plopping down into the reddish arm chair.


“So, you must be Elizabeth.” He said, getting up from the couch and walking over to the desk. I nodded.


“Yeah, but it’s just Beth.” I informed him. He only nodded and began sorting through some of the papers. He found today’s paper, and sat in the armchair in front of mine.


“Already unpacked?” John asked, coming into the living room. I looked up at him and nodded.


“There wasn’t much to unpack really.’ I explained, shrugging. John nodded.


“Right then. Well, I’m going to the store. Would you like to come, or do you just want me to pick up something for you?” John asked. Deciding that I would like to see a bit of London, a grabbed my coat.


“Let’s go.”



The trip hadn’t gone like I thought it would. While I got to see a bit of London, it wasn’t the bit I was wanting to see. Still, I got to spend some time with my brother.


“So, how’s Jem?” John asked. Jem, my fiance, had traveled with me most of the time. He come with me on the holidays, and John seemed to really like him. I was glad, but I guess it didn’t matter now.


“He’s not really in the picture anymore.” I explained. John’s eyebrows came together.


“Why not? I thought you two were serious.” He said.


“I was.” I swallowed. “Him? Not so much.” I smiled a bit sadly.


“Oh, Beth, I’m sorry. Loo…”


“It’s fine.”


“No, Beth, look, do you want me to kill him?” He asked. I began to laugh out loud. “Because I will find him myself and kill him.”


John began to laugh a little too just as we arrive at the store.


“Come on.” John paid the driver, and we got out of the cab.


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