Taste of there own medicine

A girl named Stacey is going to a new school but she is being bullied so Stacey decides to defend for her self with a cunning plan...


1. Odd One Out

Stacey is a small and clever girl who concentrates on her school work. she has blonde hair almost to her shoulders and has braces. 

She started school at  Farmoore Secondary  School when they moved to Farmoore and she concentrated hard and it was easy settling in but the bad bits was the bullies. She found on the first day she was the odd one out because she had braces. A group of boys 2 years above her bullied her and called her Bracey Stacey and tried to open her school bag and look in it. She reported them to the head teacher and she told them off but it only made them bully her more and called her telly-tale Bracey Stacey. She ignored them and they said, " has mummy wummy told you to ignore the boys? Ha ha ha"  Stacey walked onto her next class in her black converse boots. She was teased for being hard working in class and everyone called her weird for having a different out of date phone.


She endured her first day but each day was the same bullying and it was horrible for poor Stacey. It wasn't fair that she was smartest yet she was getting bullied.Something had to be done about it Stacey thought on her way home from school. 

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