War's End

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2015
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2015
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Set near the end of the First Revolution of Panem against the Capitol


1. War's End

                                                                                          War's End
                                                                           Based on The Hunger Games
Preparing for the assault was a momentous task, guns on racks throughout the whole hall. All the soldiers who could fight were arming up for the assault on the Capitol's closest mountain. Jack had obtained his weapon and armour and was sitting by the side of the hanger. The noise of the shouting and the dropships getting ready was deafening and the whistling of the wind was freezing his ears.
Marlo walked over to Jack and sat down beside him.
"You alright Jack?"
"Yeah, I'm fine... it's just, we're so exposed on that mountain, and, we're gonna be climbing with ice hacks, slowly."
Marlo shrugged.
"C'mon let's get going" said Jack.
*                                                                     *                                                              *
At the base of the mountain the cold wind nipped at the soldiers' ears. 
"Move out soldiers!" shouted the general.
The icehacks dug into the rocks of the mountain as they slowly began their ascent to the top.
As the wind bit at Marlo's face the climb started to get harder and the stone made it harder to put the icehacks in.
"My Gosh, the icehacks aren't strong enough for these stones, we need to move somewhere else!"
Eventually the soldiers reached a cave inside the mountain and they set up their camp there. 
As the wind began to pick up Marlo woke up. He got up and walked over to the weapon store. He wasn't tired. He couldn't sleep. The enclave was fairly sheltered and protected them from the horrendous weather outside. Marlo looked around at everyone else, they were all asleep apart from the lookouts.
"GUNSHIP! A GUNSHIP! Everyone get up! A GUNSHIP!"
"Pick up you weapons, soldiers, fight back!" Shouted the general.
"General! Noooo!" shouted Jack outstrecthing his hand. He turned around to see a silver gunship hovering formidably outside the enclave.
Marlo shouted to get behind cover as another dropship flew down to help.
After 30 minutes it was over, everyone was dead. The attack on the Capitol had failed. 
However, back in District 13 the commanders were negotiating peace deals with the Capitol, they agreed to withdraw if they were left alone. 
In District 4 a young girl asked her father " Is the war over yet?"
"Not yet Mags, not yet"


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