Is everything Alright?

I wrote this poetry on the basis of what answers my lips, my mind and my heart give to the above question asked by my friends, strangers and me, respectively, to me.


1. Friends- Hey, are you alright?


Yes, I am 

Don't you think so?

Don't you see me smiling?

Don't you see my eyes crinkle? 

Don't you notice my lips and heart reconciling,

Finally merely coordinating with one another?


I am laughing so much!

What a stupid question!

How can I not be happy?

Have you ever seen me cry?

I am not insinuating you

Into believing me

These tears are rolling down

Just because something went in my eye

Don't worry,

I am not going to let you drown

In this pool of tears.


I am laughing

Because I am crying

I am crying because 

I am laughing. 


Oh, I sound crazy right now?

It's not unusual

I am like that.



[ Note: I know, not my best poem but I didn't really know what to write for this]

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