This came about as a practice piece for my creative writing coursework for school. I took one of the lines from a poem called Mirrors by Sylvia Plath and used it as inspiration.


1. A means to an end

Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

                The shadows are long  and insurmountable, they stretch from one corner of by my mind to another, a single dark shape, an omniscient being, linking the vast territories of the map in my mind, the mountains and rivers in my memories, which I re trace, over and over, the same worn dirt path, the same trickle of water wearing down the rock.

                Travelling while immobile, stagnate  and languish while I still buzz with life on the inside.

                I live within my mind's eye, while my body crumples, numb and stiff, pale and dead, gone yet present. like an uprooted tree, My chest rises and fall mechanically, unbidded, the buzzing of machines in my ear, loud and terrible, do nothing but  confirm my downfall.

                How long will they allow me to wallow in this hospital bed?

                As A child I had lived, as if the entire world rested atop my fingertip, as if I held the universe by the reins, as if I drove it, as if I lead and the rest would follow. I had rode this chariot into the suns horizon, only to find Myself on the edge of abyss.

                And I fell.

                Darkness consumes me, darkness. I had promised her. In the haze of youth, we had found each other. we had stood together, colossal in our combined presence.

                Minds raced, heartbeats drummed in our ears  we joined and with swelled hearts, promised ourselves to the other.

                Lovers under the moonlight.

                Now however, we stand on opposite sides of a division. Within my mind, though, I can see her face again, run my fingers  through her hair, imagine the warmth of her cheek.

                Yet it is not tangible, it is a disappointment .

                With time, her face has become distant, the car accident, with all its blood and gore fades. her body limp and slick with blood in my arms. the blood seeping into my brain and lungs.

                None of it matters anymore, it all simply seems like a means to an end.

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