Demigod in Hogwarts

Lux has always known that she was a Wizard, Being Severus Snapes daughter. She didnt know her mother, and Snape was hiding a secret from her. Her mother is a greek goddess.. What will happen when Lux's powers start to show?

//Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Fanfiction//


1. Chapter 1

" Lux get your ass up in the next 10 minutes or you'll regret it" Snape said from my bedroom door.

"Yes father dear." I said sleepily, burying my head back into my pillow.

" I mean it girl, Dont test me" He said and left. I got up and went to the mirror, getting ready for school.

My name is Lux Snape. I am a 4th year student at Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. I am 16 years old and my father is Severus Snape.  I don't know my mother, I haven't my whole life. Dad said she left once I was born. Ive lived at Hogwarts ever since. Most say I look nothing like Snape. I have bleach blonde, basically white hair with bright blue eyes. I have my septum pierced and an eyebrow piercing as well. Dad kind of let me do whatever I want. My natural hair is black, but I dye it a lot, right now its blonde.(See below)

I put my school uniform, a white button up shirt with my green Slytherin tie and a Black mini skirt. I put on my ripped black tights and my combat boots. I put my hair up into a pony tail, leaving my bangs down however. I did my makeup and grabbed my black bag that I have my school books in and my wand. I opened my door right as Snape was about to walk in. 

"Hi Daddy! Ill see you in class okay?" I said and kissed his cheek before walking past him on my way to the main room of the Slytherin dormitory. A few people said hi to me as a walked down the stairs and into the main room.

I was about to sit down when I felt a pair of arms slip around my waist. I gasped and turned around to the handsome face of Draco Malfoy. He and I's hair color are very similar. But we make the cutest couple.

"Good Morning beautiful" Draco Malfoy said to me quietly as i smiled. 
"You nearly scared the fuck out of me" I said gently slapping his chest.

"Im sorry baby" He said pouting his lip. 

"Snookums its fine" I said and kissed him softly.After the kiss he let go of my waist and sat down next to me. I put one of my legs up across his lap and pulled out my wand and books. "Have you studied for my dads test yet?" I asked Malfoy. He scoffed

"You really think I studied for you fathers test?" He asked slowly running a hand up my leg. 
"Well, Draco, I would sure hope you would study for my test. and keep your hand off of my daughters leg." I heard Snape say from behind us. 
"Daddy! hi" I said pulling my leg down. Malfoy straightened up. 

"O-o-of course sir, Im sorry sir. Ill go get my books and start studying now." Draco said and ran off to his dorm. 

"Daddy why do you have to scare him like that." I said all whiney.

"Because youre my precious little girl, and you know how I feel about him." 

"I could be dating Potter" I said

"I would rather that then him." Daddy said as he came and sat down next to me

"Is it the whole. He-who-shall-not-be-named thing? Because I talked to him about that and Hes really not that committed to him. His father is making him and-" 

"Lux, no, thats not it. Its just.. Hes not good news. He knows-"
"He knows if he hurts me that you can hurt him." I said as I saw Malfoy come down the stairs, books in hand. "Now daddy, please, Let me get some time with him before school starts." 

"Fine. I love you Lux. Be good" He said, standing up and kissing my head before he left to his classroom.

"Love you too Daddy.." I said. Malfoy sat down next to me. "Wanna go to the Mess Hall for breakfast?" 

"Isnt it a bit early?" He asked.

"You know how I am with the crowded hallways. Sides, we can stop for a bit in a bathroom or something," I said putting my hand on his leg gently and moving it up slowly until I was almost at his crotch. You could tell he was getting turned on. I leaned over and whispered into his ear "Im not wearing any underwear." I said quietly. 

"Yeaaaah, lets go the the Mess Hall" He said and grabbed my hand with one hand and his bag with his other. I grabbed my bag quickly and we ran off to the closest room. Which was actually one of those hidden closet things.  We opened the door and closed it quickly, giggling. We dropped our bags and he kissed me rough,grabbing my thighs and picking me up, making out heavily, my back against the wall. A lot was going on at once, My tights came off, his pants undone and multiple position movements where made.

We started to hear students walking by to go get breakfast right as we were cleaning ourselves up. I fixed his tie and his hair while he helped me with mine. I dug through my bag and grabbed the spare thong I had in there and put that on before putting my tights back on.

"ready for breakfast?" He asked.

"We're gonna be a little late but lets go" I giggled.  "And if my dad asked we were studying." I said pulling him close by his tie and kissing him. I grabbed my bag and he grabbed his as we left the closet and tried to catch up with the group of people. It was the HufflePuff dorm. We somehow managed to catch up and we blended into the back. Separating when we got to the doors, sneaking to the Slytherin table and taking a seat next to our friends. Crabbe, Goyle, Daphne and Pansy. Pansy and Daphne gave me a look and giggled while Crabbe and Goyle gave Malfoy shit for the sex hair.  

"Well you two got a little busy there." Pansy said winking and giggling.

"Oh shut up Pansy" I blushed as the food appeared.

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