Why me??

Hi my name is Chloe I live in the UK and I love 5sos but when something strange happens things are not always as it seems ....


1. my birthday Chloe's POV

"Happy birthday!!" My mom yelled through my door before bursting into my room. In her arms were many gifts all gift wrapped in 5sos wrapping paper I couldn't believe her. She knew I liked them but still... I opened them and they were all the same clothes money and 5sos merch but the last present I completely lost it. It was 2 tickets to see 5sos in concert tomorrow !!! "OMG mom thanks soooo much" I said "well your not gonna be 15 again are you " she left me alone whilst I had a 5sos moment of crying and I scrolled through my twitter and left Luke a happy birthday message as I had the same birthday as me which was awesome. I rung my best friend Georgia and asked her if she wanted to still go shopping for my birthday. She wanted to go so I got ready and we left. I took the car keys hoping that no-one would need them today and drove to Georgia's house. We left and I stared crying "girl this best not be one of your 5sos moments again" and I told her abt her coming to 5sos with me which also made her scream. Could this day get any better??

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