Why me ??

Hello my name is chloe and I am your ordinary 5sos fan. But things are quite what they seem when you go to meet them .... (Luke fanfiction)


1. awake Luke's POV

The nurses came out telling me to expect the worst. She could die. I can't deal with this. I ran back into her room and saw more wires hooked up into her. She still looked so beautiful. I just wanted to kiss her. I sat down and held her hand. I whispered "don't leave me" then I saw her eyes fluttering open. She was awake!!!

She asked where we were and I told her what happened. Then she stared screaming. She told me it was because I was looking after her. This made me laugh a lot. The nurse came in and told us that she could go home later today. I couldn't wait I wanted to take her somewhere.

Chloe's POV

I can't believe he is here looking at me... This must be a dream but I can't seem to wake up. This is real. I grabbed my stuff and left the hospital and luke held my hand and we interwinded our fingers. Butterflies were flyin around my stomach. With luke I could do anything. He told me we were going on an adventure to somewhere special. I wonder where we are going......


Thanks so much to everyone that is reading my book. It isn't a lot but I'm so grateful for everyone that takes the time to read it let alone like it. I'm gonna try and update everytime that I can. Do you think they would make a cute couple??? Let me know.

I might want to add some extra characters so let me know if you want to be with one of the others or with luke like as and ex or a sister or brother just let me know. Love you xxx💘

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