Birthdays (a short story) {FINISHED}

Just a short birthday story❤️


1. New chapter

Calum carries me upstairs to my room never breaking the kiss

He shuts the door with his foot and lays me on the bed

I ripped off my shirt and he takes of his jeans and shirt

He kisses my neck as I trace my hands on his chest

My shorts and bra was soon off and he's kissing my thighs

He opens my legs and kisses the inside

Then in one quick motion he rips off my underwear and I take off his boxers

We give each other sucks and bite on each other's neck and we look in each other's eyes breathing heavily

"Are you ready?" Calum asks, putting on a condom

"Yes, I'm ready for you" I answer kissing his lips

We never break the kiss until he slides himself into me and we moan

Once he's done he falls next to me and wraps his arms around me

He kisses my neck and whispers

"I love you Kendra, so damn much"

"I love you to Calum" I turn myself to face him and we fall asleep

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