fall for luke Hemmings

What will Jordan hood do when she goes on tour with her brother Calum Hood and met the one and only Luke Hemmings.will she fall for him or will her brother not allow it read to find out


1. how my story starts

HI my name is Jordan hood yes I'm Calum Hoods sister.I'm always getting bullied at school because of my hair and the way I look and my brother was my only friend I had in school . He was always there for me when I need him but he was in a band with luke Hemmings,Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford the band was call 5 second of summer and they were about to go on tour so my best friend (Calum Hood)was leaving in two weeks and I wouldn't be okay cuz when he left for tour I always got bullied by Queen Kristen she always asked me to introduce her to my brother but I always said no
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