1. Daily Basis

Gather around children brace yourself for you are in for the time of your life...

    I have always been fond of the supernatural i do not quite understand why.Mother says i should get out of this phase and move on and become more feminine.Yet there are so many wonders,there is probably so much that hasn’t been discovered. I want to adventure to travel far and beyond.

    BEEP BEEP BEEP,i pushed my alarm clock off the bed shattering it.

I have been awake for many days in a row not insomnia i just well it is a feeling that i quite can’t grasp.My comics are scattered everywhere i currently am reading many marvels died pool comics.Comics facsinate me so much,a whole new way to see and opinionate,to broaden the imagination.

    “Heyy get your fucking head out of those books and come down here the mother fucking instant”,the women upstairs said.The women upstairs is my mom.I give my mom a new nickname practically every month. She works as a clerk for hobby lobby. I know she does it because they are not opened on sunday for religious purposes. However she is not religious in fact sundays are the days where she leaves me at my grandparents while she goes and does whatever she wants until my grandparents get sick of my time and drop me off later.

    Coming!!I yell back at her.FUCK ugh she does not understand there is so much darkness and beauty to it in this world i will never be like her or the daughter she wants me to become.I sat down at the kitchen counter waiting for her to pass me boxes so i can start cooking for her.Her last relationship has definitely ruined my life. My parents got divorced when i was five because he raped her and i attempted to help which made it worse i do not want to go into much depth,it was a very scarring backstory. Than she had a couple of good ones and eventually she found the perfect man i loved him but he died of cancer. After that it was this other asswhole quite like my father and  she would let him take advantage. I guess she feels she does not want me to do the same so she  makes me do all of her motherly tasks.

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