The lonely hour


1. The begining

I sat in my dark bland boring room glancing at the beauty of winter the depressing slow falls of leaves that is what i have come to love most about this holiday.Lately i feel as though my family has been distanced avoiding long talk with each other.Suspicions are going all around me spinning so fast my eyes twirled excitedly such as a sober person getting drunk for the first time.

    “Honey the early bird gets the worm”,my mother called.

“Be there in a minute”,I ,muttered.

    My house was in a nice Nebraska area kinda underrated compared to all the nice pictures on social media.My parents are happily together and i am an only child.I was living, “the good life”. I was quite lonely growing up looking depressed drowning myself into books and falling in love with fictional characters from Marvel Comics.Admiring the unreal world i dropped my comic book and tended to the, “master morning meal”,that was what my father called breakfast.

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