Running away(HTTYD fanfiction)

Stormbrewer has been running from Vikings her whole life. If they ever found her, they would kill her, just because she's a dragon. It all stops though, when she gets to Berk. She finds out they don't want to kill her. They want to TRAIN her. RIDE her. ADOPT her. That cant happen. She will NEVER trust another Viking. Never again.


1. Found

Stormbrewer's POV




I flew as fast as I could, zipping past the trees.  But one of my wings was injured, so I could hardly fly.  They were after me, I knew it.  Since I was a hatchling, Vikings have been wanting to wear my skull as a helmet. Ahead of me a Deadly Nadder burst through the grove of trees.  A girl with blond hair in a braid was ridding the Nadder.

"Gotcha!" she yelled with triumph.  I was sick of being followed by her.  It was time to send her running.  I pounced on her and she flew off her dragon.  Then I let out an earsplitting screech. "SHREIK!!!!!!!!!!" As fast as I could, I ran away and hid.  It wouldn't be long before she found me again.

When it reached night, I slowly crawled out of the cave I was hiding and BAM!  I found myself to be tied in a bola.  That girl must has found me, and made a trap while I was sleeping.  And I was the foolish dragon, who walked straight into the trap.

I admit it, I was scared.  I just hatched a few months ago, and I watched my family die before the girl found me. "Mama? Papa?" I whimpered, even though I knew they were gone, and never coming back.  "I'm scared".

The next day, as sunlight was peeking over the mountains, I heard voices.  Six Vikings, about 20 years old, came into view.  I played dead. Even made it so my heart stop beating, but I would still live.

"Astrid, you didn't kill her, did you?" a voice asked.  A male, definitely.  From what I could also find out, they all had trained dragons and weapons.  "No!"  the girl from last night, Astrid, said defensively. "Probably just knocked out from all the stress."  But she didn't sound so sure.

"I'll carry her" a new voice said.  His voice rang out among the silence.  Are you sure you can handle her Snotlout?  That's a Strike class dragon." a warm kind male voice said.  "I got it one-leg."  "Can we go now?  Barf and Belch need to blow stuff up now." another girl said.  She had a tough scruffy voice, like she never listens to anyone.

Suddenly ruff but surprisingly warm and comfy hands picked me up.  It was hard not to recoil at the touch.  The Vikings mounted their dragons, and they rode off, with me as their captive.




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