Georgia, known jokingly among her friends as Geg, is an normal middle school girl: blonde hair, blue eyes, smart, funny.
That's the Georgia everyone thinks they know.
But there's another side to Georgia, and this Georgia is a master of manipulation, secrets, and lies.
This Georgia is plotting something.

P.S. Dystopia needs to hurry up and make a cover, or else it will be random things forever.


1. The Geg Pleg

It all started with a sneeze.

Georgia cupped her hands and hurried to raise them, making sure the only noises that came from the cursed sneeze were very petite, and cute. 

After wiping her nose with dignity Georgia, otherwise known as Geg amongst close friends, let a small smile play on her lips when someone said bless you. Geg forced herself not to burst with her most sinister cackle, for she had to keep up this facade. At least until it was too late for them to escape. 

Instead, she smiled her sweetest smile. She even let that grin travel to her icy blue eyes, because she enjoyed a good challenge. 

It's sure to be increasingly more difficult to control an entire species, compared to just manipulating the innocent.

Speaking of the innocent. Georgia's 'friends' were just finishing the science test. It's time to begin.

Georgia prepared herself to put her all into this little trick, knowing that she would become the rightful Queen of not only America, but all of Earth.

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