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Not actually a story it's just really a note please please read!! I want as many emails from you guys as possible I love all of you!!! ������

Love bella XoXo


1. Please read!!!!

Please please read!!!!!

Don't Know if anyone has been reading my fanfiction but I hope you have and I hope your enjoying it. I was thinking you might like to know abit about me.

I'm not going to give away my name so let's just say my names bella. It's not but I don't really wanna give away my real name this moment on time. I'm 14 my birthday is May 25. I love one direction, 5sos, hunger games and twilight. I feel I have a complactied "love life" if you can even call it that. I have a group of great friends. I'm not that close with my family but I'm really close with my dad. I'm not afraid to give me opinion I don't really care what people think of me.

I have made a new email account. I made this account for many reasons. I made this account so anyone can contact me if they want and hate is not accepted because I will just report you to be quite honest. Anyways I made it so people have someone to talk to if there going through a hard time I would like to help, if they need advice. If they want to know anything about me email me your questions. If you have any request for a fanfiction. Or anything else really. So ye guys get emailing!!

Note: I'm really sorry I am a terrible speller!

Love bella XOXO

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