Henry Dursley

What happens when Dudley Dursleys son is found out to be a wizard...


1. 1. Normal family

Dudley Dursley was perfectly normal thank you very much. He had been since he was a child and hoped to remain that way until the way he died. He had a normal mother and father and they had lived in a normal house, down a normal road in a normal town. He'd attended a normal school and had very normal friends. He grew up to marry a normal girl and then have normal children. He was normal, no doubt about it.

The only slightly unnormal thing about him was his cousin Harry, but since he got separated from him at 17 he chose to pretend he didn't exist. Harry wasn't like Dudley at all, Harry wasn't normal. Harry was a wizard!

His mother and father found the 1 year old Harry on their doorstep one cold Autumn morning after both his parents had been murdered. With him was a note explaining his circumstances. Harry wasn't any random orphan though, he was the Dursleys nephew and Dudleys cousin. 

Harry's mother Lily had been a witch, unlike her sister Petunia or her parent. She was what the wizarding world would call a muggle-born, meaning neither of her parents had anything to do with the wizarding world. When Lily went off to a special magic school without her, Petunia wanted nothing to do with her. Lily met a boy and had a child and so did Petunia.

But when poor Harry was only a year old both Lily and his father James were murdered an evil wizard. Harry was sent to his aunts and uncles and had no clue that he was a wizard.

On his 11th Birthday Harry received an acceptance letter from the school his parents had attended telling him that he was a wizard. For the next 7 years he would leave the Dursleys home and attend, only to return for a couple of weeks a year in the holidays. When both Harry and Dudley were 17, the Dursleys were evacuated from their home due to the evil wizard returning in the hope to kill Harry.

Dudley hadn't seen his cousin since. For all he knew, Harry could be dead.

But our story doesn't start here, it starts 18 years later on the 31st July...

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