Two young girls have had their lives changed forever. Was it for the the best like their parents had hoped? Or will it end up tearing them apart from the inside out?

Ayumi Yasha, the protector. She's also been an overprotective girl, especially over her Sayomi; the girl who's like a sister to her. How will she react when she finds family in Konoha? How will they take to it?

Sayomi Ai, the protected. Having always been protected by Ayumi; Sayomi wishes to be away from her from time to time but, whenever Sayomi begins to think about telling Ayumi she wants to do more on her own; Sayomi gets in trouble and has to saved. Regardless if it's a life or death situation or simply a broken heart. She's always there to protect. How will Sayomi react when Ayumi meets family? Will she be left in the dark, unprotected?

Join these lovable and irritating girls on their craziest adventure ever: Life.


1. Their New Story Begins

"Jeez Sumaru, thanks a lot. It's your fault that I gotta do this." Ayumi muttered angrily to my fellow Hoshigakure comrade.

"No it's not! She shouldn't have been so careless!" Sumaru slightly yelled back at her.

Ayumi rolled my eyes, "Shut up. You shouldn't have let her be the last one to patrol and you shouldn't have yelled at her for trying to create a fire with a jutsu."

It was Sumaru's turn to roll his eyes this time. "Whatever. Do you want me to carry her?" He asked, trying to be considerate.

Sighing slightly, Ayumi reply "No it's alright. I got her." As she replied, she adjusted Sayomi.

"Okay well here we are.. Konohagakure. Good luck Ayu." They stopped and looked at each other.

"I thought you were supposed to deliver a message to the Hokage though?" Ayumi asked, completely confused considering the Hoshikage told Sumaru to go the Hokage with us once we arrived.

"I'm supposed to but, I feel like somethings up. I wanna get back quickly. Can you deliver the letter instead?" Sumaru pleaded.

She growled a little in annoyance, "Fine. It's not for you though, it's simply so Sayomi and I can get things done quicker." Ayumi looked away with a small blush before quickly turning back and giving him a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks for the help though, Sumaru. We appreciate it."

Sumaru blushed and looked away, grunting in annoyance and discomfort "Um.. Goodbye Ayumi. I hope you visit someday."

"I will, I promise." She stated as she took the message for the Hokage before heading the rest of the way to the gates.

As she walked up to the gates, two men stopped her. "Please state your name and busin- Is she okay?!" The one with darker hair questioned.

"She's fine. We just ran into a bit of trouble on our way. My name's Ayumi Yasha though, her's is Sayomi Ai. We're from Hoshigakure, we have a message from the Hoshikage for Lord Hokage." Ayumi answered with irritation lacing her voice. All she wanted to do was get all this business stuff over with. When you don't get a good night's sleep.. It's quite easy to be irritable.

"Okay, do you need to be taken to the Hokage?" the man with light brown hair asked.

Ayumi nodded, "If it's not too much to ask, yes."

"Not at all." The lighter haired one spoke again and transported us to the outside of the Hokage's door.

"I gotta get back to my post otherwise Kotetsu will throw a fit. I'm Izumo by the way." Izumo stated with a smile.

Right after Ayumi returned the smile, he poofed away.

Ayumi takes a deep breath and knocks on the door.

"Enter." Once she hears the old man's voice, she opens the door. As she walks in, she sweatdrops a little since she can hear Sayomi lightly snoring on her back.

"Hello Lord Hokage." Ayumi bows her head, "I apologize for not being able to bow fully. As you can see though, my sister is passed out on my back." She apologizes, hoping he doesn't see her as disrespectful or anything.

"It's alright child." He smiled.

Ayumi returned the smile, "Thank you for understanding Lord Hokage."

"You're welcome. Now, who are you?" The Hokage questions.

"Ah, I'm Ayumi Yasha. She's Sayomi Ai. Sayomi isn't my blood sister but, we've treated each other as sisters since we can remember." Ayumi answers.

The Hokage nods, "What brings you and Sayomi here then?"

Ayumi's eyes shift to the ground, "Well, our parent's are no longer with us. Sayomi and I came here because both my parents and hers spoke highly of Konohagakure so we came here as soon as Lord Hoshikage let us. Lord Hoshikage also gave us a message for you. "

Ayumi sets Sayomi on the ground gently instead of just dropping her like she wanted to and pulls the letter out of her pocket, handing it to the Hokage.

As the Hokage reads over the message, Ayumi studies Sayomi with sadness. It hurt her to know that Sayomi was still in pain because of their parents.

She moves her attention back to the Hokage as he puts away the message.

"Is there anything else?" He questioned to make sure that everything is taken care of before sending the girls on their way.

"Well.. There is. Sayomi and I would like to stay in Konohagakure for good. We want to become Konoha ninja's to serve and protect Konoha, seeing as our parents spoke greatly of it." Ayumi answered truthfully, giving a hopeful look.

"Of course you may! I just need you to fill out some papers before we begin. You may also fill out Sayomi's if you'd like." He answers with a bright smile as he gets the paperwork from a drawer.

Once she finished the papers and hands them back. As he reads the papers, he begins to get an odd look on his face. "Is something wrong Lord Hokage?"

"Your parents are Kyo and Mizuki Yasha and Sayomi's are Aito and Akira Ai, correct?" The Hokage questions instead of answering her question.

"Uh, yes. That's correct Lord Hokage. Why?" Ayumi answers, a small worry rushes over her.

“No need to worry dear, I just thought there was something similar about you and your friend..” The Hokage trails off with a small smile.

“Eh? What do you mean, Lord Hokage?” Ayumi questions, thoroughly confused.

The Hokage chuckled, “You were quite young when you all left.. Your parents probably spoke so highly of Konoha because this is where you were born. As well as your father’s family. Same with Sayomi and her parents.”

Ayumi blinked in surprise, “Really..?”

The Hokage nodded, “I have a question though.. Where is Ryuuichi?”

Ayumi looked away. She had hoped he wouldn’t end up being brought up but of course, if the Hokage knew her and Sayomi, he’d definitely know him. Sighing, she answered, “He went missing on a mission. That was the mission both mine, Sayomi’s and another kid’s parents died on.”

The Hokage’s face showed sadness and understanding, “I see.. When did they pass?”

“When Sayomi and I were seven years old, Ryuuichi was only fourteen.” Ayumi answered impassively. She had begun to get over the tragedy that her and Sayomi had suffered. It was no one’s fault, being angry or sad wouldn’t bring any of them back so what was the point?

Of course Ayumi could have chose the path of destruction, same with Sayomi. What good would that do though? They both knew there were jutsu’s out there that were capable of bringing the dead back to life. Anyone with common sense would know not to do that though. Has there ever been a time where you could try something, against God and against Nature, where it worked out? Temporarily, probably. Permanently? Never.

Both girls knew if they were to try to find happiness in destruction, it’d end horribly for them. That’s why they felt when they had learned all they could in Hoshigakure, it was time to move on.

The Hokage sighed sadly, “I’m sorry for all your losses.”

Ayumi nodded in thanks, “It’s okay though, honestly. Mourning forever won’t do any good and I know neither mine nor Sayomi’s parents would want that.”

He smiled, “I’m glad to hear you say that Ayumi.. Why don’t I summon an escort and I’ll have them take you to the place you’ll be staying.. It was where your parents lived when you and Sayomi were born.”

Ayumi gave a small smile, “Thank you.. That’ll be nice.”

The Hokage nodded and sent a bird to fetch someone to take them home.

“I’ll have someone come by tomorrow morning to take you to the academy and you’ll be placed on a squad once you get there.” Ayumi nodded at the Hokage in understanding.

“Sounds good.”

Once their little conversation was over, someone knocked the door. The Hokage allowed the person to enter and it turned out to be a young man with brown hair in a spiky ponytail.

“Yes, Lord Hokage?” The man spoke up.

“Ah, Ayumi, this is Iruka Umino; he’s the academy teacher. He will be taking you to your home and he’ll be the one to come by to take you and Sayomi to the academy in the morning.” Lord Hokage spoke with a smile.

Ayumi nodded and got Sayomi situated on her back once again.

“Iruka.. This is Ayumi Yasha. The young girl on her back is Sayomi Ai. Please take them to the Yasha/Ai compound.” The Hokage requested.

Iruka nodded, “It’s nice to meet you, Ayumi.”

“Likewise, Iruka-sensei.” Ayumi gave a small courtesy smile.

“Did Lord Hokage tell you what squad you’ll be on tomorrow?” Iruka questioned as we approached the compound.

Ayumi shook her head, “Nope, I’d rather it be a surprise anyways.”

Iruka chuckled and nodded, “Have a good day, Ayumi.”

“You too, Iruka-sensei. Thanks for showing Sayomi and I- Well, me the way.” Ayumi thanked him before walking inside and setting Sayomi on a couch that was already in the home.

Sighing, Ayumi decided to wake Sayomi up since she knew they’d need to get some groceries before they went to the academy tomorrow. Plus they’d need to dinner anyways.

“Ne, Sayomi! Wake up!” Ayumi exclaimed at her best friend.

“Nrghh.. What? Where are we?” Sayomi questioned as she rubbed her eyes, sitting up.

Ayumi rolled her eyes, “We’re in Konohagakure. I’ll explain things later. For now, we need to head to the market so we can have dinner and breakfast at least.”

Sayomi let out a loud, exasperated sigh but nodded and stood up, ready to follow Ayumi.

The two left their home, memorizing the details around their neighborhood to make sure they could find their way back home.

“So.. This is Konohagakure eh?” Sayomi mumbled to herself, looking around as they made their way to the market.

Ayumi nodded, “Yeah.. It’s much bigger than Hoshigakure.. But it has a much better feel to it.”

Sayomi nodded in agreement, “You’re right.. I feel more at home already~”

Ayumi laughed at her best friend and began picking up some fruits and vegetables at the different stalls set up. Sayomi went off to the store to get the meat and other ingredients that weren’t being sold outside in a stall, having already made a plan to meet up with Ayumi at the same fruit stall once they were done.

About forty minutes later, the girls were finally done with their shopping trip.

As they walked home, Ayumi glanced in some of Sayomi’s bags that she was carrying, “Sayomi! Why is the main thing in here ramen?!”

“They had free samples~ When I tried it, it was amazing!~ So obviously I had to get some right??~” Sayomi answered in a whining tone.

Ayumi sighed in aggravation at her best friend, of course she couldn’t be trusted to go food shopping on her own. Shortly after their little spout, they made their way into their home and put everything away.

“Ne, Ayumi. Go check out and see the different rooms. OOOH! See if the shower works well!~ I’ll make dinner tonight~” Sayomi stated with a smile and began getting out the necessary ingredients while Ayumi began walking around the house.

Ayumi found the bathroom and turned on the shower to check the pressure. Ayumi smiled brightly, the pressure here was much better than the pressure in Hoshigakure. Once she turned off the water, Ayumi continued to wander and discovered that not only had her parents, brother and self lived here but, also Sayomi and her family. There were three bathrooms that she could find so far, just one kitchen but it was decent size, five bedrooms total and an isolated training room where the walls and floor were concrete.

Furrowing her eyebrows together, she tried to figure out why there was only one training room when it was such a big house and why it was made of concrete. It didn’t make sense to her. Soon she disregarded the thought though and went back to the living rooms where she had dropped hers and Sayomi’s bag when they had gotten here.

“Hey Sayomi, how long until dinner is done?” Ayumi questioned as she dug through her bag for a t-shirt and sweats as well as her undergarments.

“Uh.. Probably, like an hour?” Sayomi replied unsurely.

Ayumi nodded to herself, “Alright, well I’m going to take a shower then I’ll take over so you can get cleaned up too.”

Sayomi nodded to herself as well, “Sounds good!~”

Ayumi chuckled at the way Sayomi answered as she made her way to the shower. Once she was done, she took over making curry for Sayomi while she showered. By the time Sayomi got done, dinner was ready and the two sat down at the dining room table near the kitchen with their own bowls and drinks.

“So, what happened while I was out?” Sayomi questioned before stuffing her face.

Ayumi rolled her eyes and replied, “Well, our parents lived her together when we were born.”

Sayomi looked at her with wide eyes, “Really?” She took another bite of curry.

Ayumi nodded, “Yeah.. Lord Hokage acts like he knew them.. He also knew Ryuuichi… Ah, a man with brown hair is coming by tomorrow morning to get us to take us to the Academy so we know what team we’ll be on. His name’s Iruka Umino.”

Sayomi sighed and nodded in understanding.

The girls continued to eat in silence until they were both done. Once they were, Ayumi washed the dishes and put them away while Sayomi explored a little and found a room to call her own. When she decided on what room she wanted, she went back to the living room to grab her bag as Ayumi grabbed hers as well.

“Ne, Ayumi.. How do you think Konohagakure will be?” Sayomi questioned as they made their way to the hall where all the bedrooms were.

Ayumi shrugged with an indifferent look, “Today was good so hopefully it’ll stay this way.. Lord Hokage seems to be very kind and usually when the leader is a good person, the majority of the village is kind as well.”

Sayomi nodded, “Yeah.. I hope so too… Although, Sunagakure seems nice too.”

Ayumi blanched, “WAY too hot. And sandy. Besides, don’t you remember how creepy the Kazekage seemed?”

Sayomi shuttered and nodded, “I guess you’re right.. I’m glad Namiko-san was there with us..” Sayomi shuttered again.

Ayumi sweatdropped, “Yeah.. I think Iwagakure would be nice though. It seems like a calm village.”

“Yeah I guess.. Kirigakure is a definite no though.” Ayumi shuttered this time.

“Like you even had to bring that one up..” Sayomi mumbled, trying to contain herself from rolling her eyes.

Ayumi stuck out her tongue, “Shut up.”

Sayomi rolled her eyes this time, “No.” She stuck her tongue out, back at her best friend for a moment before continuing, “I’ll see you in the morning, Ayumi. Night.”

Ayumi nodded while giving a small chuckle, “Goodnight Sayomi. Love ya! And yes, I’ll be the one to get the door in the morning.”

Sayomi chuckled as well, “Good, cause I’d probably never even wake up to the knocking. Love ya too though!”

With that the two girls made their way to the rooms they chose and headed straight to bed. Something having gone completely unnoticed by both genin; the fact that the entire house was clean, no sign of dust even though the home would have been empty for years.

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