Transformers are real??

I never thought they were real until i went to stay with my uncle in america im English by the way and he takes in old cars and vehicles that work but are not wanted also a horse ranch next door owed by our neighbour tom find out what happens when i meet the Autobots and who turns out to have a soft spot for me also the Autobots will be talking to you from ther point f view to

*that's right bicthez* shut up Jazz OK bye


1. The day we first met one by 1

 My pov

It was my first day here living with my uncle cade i went out exploring the barns to see the cars my uncle comes out and said i want to show you something and takes me over to one of the barns he turns to me and says what i have in this barn is very special and you cant tell anyone ok. ok i said as we enter the barn  i see 5 cars and the truck that look like the Transformers "uncle cade isn't that the Autobots" i ask he turns to me and smiles and says yes do you want to meet them yes ok suddenly one by one they start to Transform. 

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