phases - edits

only one direction fanfiction edits . that's just my love for them .


1. r u l e s




[ r u l e s ]



yes you read the blurb correctly. this will only be one direction fanfiction edits only.

the reason being is because im not really a 5 seconds of summer fan, ik.

that is why i put this in the one direction fanfiction section.


now onto the rules.


a. you must give me credit

- if it is a cover, credit given in the blurb

- if it is a edit/banner, credit given in your mumble or the chapter you most it in


b.  you must follow both of my accounts 

- txmblr queen & acid grunge


c. do not forget to like and favorite this movella

-if you do not, i will simply skip over or delete your request


d. please do not nag at me

- i have a life and i do not need complaints, so you need to be patient, or again, i will skip or delete your request


[ the sign ups should be the next chapter ]


xx. yahaira



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