It all started on tour

My names Naomi Payne, Liam paynes twin sister. I have a crush on Niall find out what happens when I go on your with them. What will happen?


1. I'm Naomi

My names Naomi Payne and I'm 19. I'm Liam paynes twin sister and me and my best friend Katie are going on tour with them.

As I finshed packing my bag I heard a high pitched scream. I turned around to see Katie dressed in her favorite outfit a five suitcases. She doesn't travel light in like me that's only take two.

"You ready!" She said excitedly

"Ready as I'll ever be"

"Don't sound to excited were only going on your with the biggest boy band in the world. Photo shots, traveling, interviews, concerts, fans!!"

" I Know please don't remind me" I heard the horn honk

"There here" Katie partially screamed running out to the car"

I looked out the windiow to see Niall looking up at me. I smiled I was so glad he was here I have such a crush on him. I fixed my hair and ran out to the car.

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