How to: Like and Favorite

People sometimes like and favorite randomly and unneededly. Here is a guide on how NOT to, and how to stop.


1. Why do I write this?

I know, I have written a chapter like this in most of my ¨How to¨ books, but it is important! Without this, you would think I'm just another movellan making some books that just have frustrated rants! *GASP* Well, I'm not. I look at those rants to get some information, sometimes. A lot, though, I research from good websites or just know everything already! So, I'm writing this book because some people, like the following problem, go around favoriting and liking everything they see! Even posts and comments! Some comments deserve liking because of their brilliance or the fact that they are really funny, but those people just like anything! For example, if bobisabanana said: ¨I am here now,¨ then that person would like it! Even though it had no uniqueness or meaning other than expressing how he is online at that current moment and that he was not in the previous moments before. Well then, we can move on to chapter two now that you know why I wrote this. :)

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