Coming Of Age

Samantha is ordinary girl until her sixteenth birthday. Her parents give her some news that turns her life upside down. Will she be able to handle the truth and take her place in the world or will she run?


1. The Confession

Imagine looking out the window to see the beautiful blue of a clear summers sky, the sun beating down and the birds chirping happily in the trees. Sounds like the perfect start to the day, doesn't it? Well this is the day my life got turned upside down.


Today is my sixteenth birthday. All I want is a nice breakfast before going to school and seeing all my friends, but I was not expecting the scene I found in the kitchen. 


My parents stood by the sink in our kitchen-come-dining room, wearing identical expressions of apprehension. Sitting at the table were two people dressed in either very good knock-offs or really expensive designer clothes. The woman had blonde locks up in a pretty, braided bun with tiny hair gems dotted around. I recognise the blue wrap dress to be the latest in the Alexander Wang collection. A quick peep under the table tell me she's wearing black Louboutins. She wore barely any make up, just a slick of natural lip gloss and a hint of mascara around her sparkling blue eyes. 

The man had a black, Armani suit with a periwinkle blue, silk tie. He had black, Italian leather shoes to accompany the suit. His hair was luxuriously thick and black, not close cut but not so long that it looked silly. He was clean-shaven which showed his face which had a kind expression which reached his bottle-green eyes. 

I looked from my parents to the visitors and back, silently asking for an explanation. 

"Good morning, Samantha, and happy birthday", said my father. He sounded nervous. I glanced at my mother who looked away and started to make breakfast.

"Um, sweetie, I-I need, we need to, um, talk to you. Please, sit." My father gestured towards the table. I reluctantly take a seat, feeling inadequate and cheap in my Primark clothes, next to our visitors. 

"Samantha, may I introduce Her Royal Highness, Empress Sabina of Krystonia and her husband His Royal Highness Emperor Kaleb. They, um, are... Well Samantha, I didn't want to do this on your birthday but it's a requirement. You're adopted." My father blurted out the last sentence in a rush. I looked at him in shock. I think I know what's coming next but I don't want to hear it. I stand up and mutter a sorry in our guests direction as I get my school bag on the way out of the front door.

I walk to the bus stop and get on the bus to school. I know I'm going to be exceedingly early but I need to get away from my parents, or guardians, or whatever they are. I sit on the top deck and look out the window as I listen to my iPod. I don't want to think about what happened. What a rubbish birthday this is turning out to be, and on such a nice day too.

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